Special Equipment for Gold Beneficiation

Special Equipment for Gold Beneficiation

Equipment for Gold Beneficiation

Crushing Equipment

Screening Equipment

Grinding Equipment

Classification Equipment

Flotation Equipment

Gravity Equipment

Agitation Equipment

Thickening Equipment

Dewatering Equipment


Feeding Equipment

Slurry Pump

Gold Beneficiation Systems

Gold Related Cases

Shandong 1,000t/d Gold Mineral Flotation Plant

One-stage open-circuit crushing and classification-one-stage open-stage self-grinding-one-stage closed-circuit grinding and classification-flotation-concentrates dewatering

Tanzania 600t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Two-stage closed-circuit crushing and screening-two-stage closed-circuit grinding-CIP-tailings dewatering by filter press-desorption electrolysis-smelting

Zimbabwe 700t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

One-stage grinding-two-stage closed-circuit grinding and classification-gravity concentration-cyanidation-desorption electrolysis-smelting-tailings dewatering

Tanzania 1,200t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

All-slime cyanidation process

Guinea 6,000t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Slurry conditioning of raw ore-grinding and classification-gravity concentration-cyanide leaching-desorption electrolysis

Mongolia 1,000t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Three-stage closed-circuit crushing and screening-two-stage closed-circuit grinding-gravity concentration- CIP-desorption electrolysis-tailings dewatering