Energy-Saving Ball Mill

Wet Energy-Saving Ball Mill

The most widely used grinding equipment

  • The grinding media is steel ball. Good crushing effect, big size reduction ratio, easy to adjust the finished fineness, meet production needs. Easy and safe manipulation, steady running.
  • Strong adaptability, adapting to all kinds of ore materials. Continuous production with big production capacity, meet the demand of modern large-scale industrial production.
  • Good sealing, which can prevent dust explosion, reduce unnecessary waste and environmental impact.
  • 【Application range】Widely used in wet grinding of black metal, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic ore materials.

big outler with large production capacity, up to 160t/h

Ball mill cylinder

Adopts high strength steel plate with good plasticity and strong impact resistance

Steel ball

Adopts high strength forging steel ball, long lifetime

The overall frame

The small mill, whose diameter is less than 2.1 meters (excluding 2.1 meters), adopts the overall frame, easy for civil construction and equipment installation;


High strength, strong wear resistance and good processability


groove-type circular lining plate enhances grinding action and ore lifting capacity and decreases energy consumption.

Xinhai energy-saving ball mill is divided into energy-saving grid type ball mill and energy-saving overflow ball mill.

You can refer the following characteristics of the each equipment to select the most suitable.

  • Wet Energy-Saving Grid Type Ball Mill

    Discharge grid, less grinding, preventing the ball from discharging High efficiency and energy saving, forced discharged, coarse grinding size, and great production capacity

  • Wet Energy-Saving Overflow Ball Mill

    Reverse spiral impeller, returns the steel ball and coarse ore to ball mill High efficiency and energy saving, self discharging, fine grinding size, smaller production capacity

Xinhai Wet Energy-Saving Rod Mill

A grinding equipment who has uniform grinding without overgrinding, fit to process brittleness ore materials

  • includes overflow energy-saving rod mill and grid type energy-saving rod mill
  • the medium is steel rod with selective grinding effect,even particle size of product, little over grinding;
  • Compared with ball mill,rod mill can accept larger feed particle size (upper limit is 15 to 25 mm);
  • Suitable for coarse grinding, the upper limit of particle size is 1 ~ 3 mm; high production capacity in coarse grinding.

【Application range】Rod mill is used in the first section grinding of two stage (or three stage), especially suitable for processing brittleness ore materials.

Xinhai Efficient Autogenous Mill

A grinding equipment with stable particle size, low energy consumption, no dust pollution

  • Grinding medium is the material itself, using range widely, without the limitation of ore types;
  • Reduce crushing, grinding and transportation equipment, simplify the process flow, small occupied area, less capital investment;
  • Save the grinding medium consumption, reduce power consumption, decrease operating personnel, cut the equipment maintenance cost;
  • Autogenous grinding, strong selective crushing effect, less over crushing, easy to screen, which is beneficial to improve mineral processing index and increase the concentrate grade and recovery.

【Application range】Fit to the coarse crushing after coarse grinding, capable of processing most of metal ore, especially iron ore with larger density, suitable for larger mineral processing plant

Raymond Mill

A grinding equipment with strong completeness and samll occupied area

  • Strong completeness, fine grinding , high efficiency;
  • connecting crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and transmission together with simple system and compact layout, it covers about 50% of the area of the ball mill system;
  • Milling roller devices adopt superimposed multistage seal with excellent seal performance;
  • Impeller devices with high density and high precision increase more than 50% of finished product yield under the same power.
  • Efficient and energy-saving centrifugal induced draft fans improve the efficiency of induced draft fans greatly;

【Application range】Mainly used for powder processing of materials in such industries as construction, chemical, metallurgy, mine, and thermal power.

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