• 【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

    2021-01-12    Xinhai    Views(5)

    With the China-Laos mineral development fully heating up, as the presenter and practitioner ofmineral processing EPC+M+O service , Xinhai took part in multiples mineral processing projects in Laos, involving gold, copper-gold, and other metal minerals.

  • Hydrocyclone Has These Five Problems? Open This Passage!

    2021-01-04    Xinhai    Views(8)

    The hydrocyclone is an effective fine-grain classification equipment in the current mineral processing equipment. In daily production, the hydrocyclone more or less will have some problems. If it cannot be found and solved in time, it is likely to lead to hydrocyclone stop operation. So, what are the common problems of hydrocyclone in daily operation? How should we solve these failures? Now, let’s analyze the causes and countermeasures.

  • Three Operating Guidelines to Teach You How to Properly Operate Grinding Equipment

    2020-12-07    Xinhai    Views(20)

    As the important equipment in the whole production line of a processing plant, the grinding equipment undertakes the heavy responsibility of grinding operation. But it’s also well-known that grinding equipment wears out a lot, which requires us not only to maintain it regularly but also to pay attention to the daily operation of grinding equipment.

  • How to Judge the Effect of Flotation Cell According to Flotation Froth?

    2020-11-30    Xinhai    Views(19)

    The appearance of flotation froth mentioned here is mainly determined by the type, amount, particle size, color, luster, density, and amount of frothing reagent attached to the surface of the flotation froth, including the virtual and real, size, and color of the flotation froth, luster, shape, thickness, intensity, brittleness and viscosity, sound, etc.

  • Seven Highlights of Xinhai Thickener!

    2020-11-24    Xinhai    Views(26)

    Thickening and sedimentation is an important part of the mineral processing plant. With the improvement of processing requirements, the traditional thickener has obvious problems, such as slow settling speed, easy to be muddy, low processing capacity, etc. According to the above problems, Xinhai keeps improving thickener, combining with processing technology, improving sedimentation efficiency, reducing muddy probability, and reducing equipment operation cost.

  • Guide of Gold Processing Equipment

    2020-11-16    Xinhai    Views(29)

    The gold ore has a high mining value, the gold processing technologies are more complex, and the gold processing equipment used is not the same.