The Magic Methods of the Ball Mill to Avoid the Irregular Granularity

2015-06-12   XinHai    Views (780)
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The irregular granularity of the ball mill, an abnormal phenomenon when the fineness of the qualified materials getting thicker and the granularity is beyond control, always happens to the tube mills with open double warehouses will contribute to the waste of the energy consumption of the ball mill as well as the follow-up flotation if the granularity is too large. Thus to avoid this phenomenon is inevitable.

The main reason of the irregular granularity occurs is that the coarse grinding warehouses have strong ability while the warehouses of the fine grinding is too weak. In this case, even if to reduce the output of the ball mill, its granularity is still coarse. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co. LTD. will introduce you the specific methods to avoid this phenomenon.

Firstly, transformation equipment: one or two more balls should be put into the coarse grinding warehouses or added the fill rate of the fine grinding warehouses to increase the lifting and grinding capacity of the     materials; welding a square steel (or steel) on the one or two lining board of the feed end to from a bead ledge of 15-20mm; using corrugated liners and replace the liner which abrasion seriously.

Secondly, change the solutions: with the mating of the ball mill and the spiral classifier, a closed circuit grinding process has formed, thus the excessive grinding and irregular granularity will be avoided. When adopting this solution, the unqualified coarse grain should be repeatedly grinded in the ball mill until qualified. Secondly, due to the large amount of the coarse grain fed, the proportion of the coarse grain will gained in the ball mill, the energy is try its best to make useful work due to the principle of dynamics, thus the grinding speed and the production improved. Moreover, because of the existence of the return ore, the influence of fluctuation to the newly fed ore will be estimated.

Except the solutions provided, Xinhai also researching and developing the super-fine autogenous mill which outlet is on the bottom of the other side, thus the fill rate can reach 45 percent, so it can largely improve the impact and grinding times of the ore at the some remaining period, grid sieve also be equipped on the side of the outlet to efficiently avoid the irregular granularity.

Xinhai reminds you that there maybe several reasons to cause the irregular granularity, and every cases has different solutions, we must base on specific reasons to put forward proper resolution.