Ball Mill Maintenance and Repair Method

2015-06-10   XinHai    Views (916)
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Ball mill is the largest consumption equipment of mining plant. The ball mills operating state directly influences the whole mill plant productivity.

Its also the biggest investment equipment of mill plant, and the wastage of the ball mill has a direct relationship with mill plant operating costs. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and overhaul the ball mill regularly, reasonable and effective maintenance can promote the ball mills operational rate and service life.

Firstly, checking the lubricating system. Lubrication system is in the key part to reduce mechanical wear and tear, including the ball mill. Generally, you should replace all the old lubricating oil and clean the machine thoroughly after the mill was put into work as long as one month. After that you should change the lubricating oil about every six months for each time. During the ball mill operation, you should check the condition of all the lubricating points and the oil level height, at least once every 4 hours, and at the same time make sure that the temperature of the main bearing lubricating oil is not more than 55 ???

Secondly, paying attention to any abnormal phenomenon, such as the abnormal noises, the strong vibration, or the leakage of oil, water and mine. You can do it from the following three aspects. Its important to check if the large and small gear transmitted steady or not. And you should adjust the clearance timely when necessary. Making sure that there is no abnormal fluctuations happened with motor current and each connection is firmly screwed together.

Thirdly, replacing the loss components. The impact force of the ball mill produced in the process of grinding not only can grind ore material, but also cause great wear and tear to the mill themselves. In the process of using ball mill, it is necessary to replace worn parts in time to avoid reducing the efficiency of ball mill or bringing damages to the other parts.

In addition to the routinely minor repair and maintenance, in order to detect hidden defects and abnormalities, you also need to stop grinding regularly. Xinhai engineers also suggest doing that each month for one time, especially for the important components such as hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder, reducer, the size of the gear. They also suggest making detail records, and the records may provide the basis for a variety of conditions that may occur in the future. If there are defects or abnormality happened, you can make the repair or overhaul plan according to the situation.