【Xinhai Quality Management System】Serve Clients With High Quality, Hold Tight On Quality Management

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Quality is the core of enterprise development. In over 20 years, Xinhai keeps on exploring the way of high-quality service, user-centric and innovative. To provide high-quality service and product to clients, Xinhai set up a complete quality management system, trying to satisfy and exceed the hope of clients.

One. Specifically responsible for quality management

Xinhai sets quality management department, which is responsible for the quality inspection. The principal of quality management organize inspection once a week, to eliminate the all the problems at the beginning, and to inpel all the links strictly observing laws, standards, and specifications. Therefore, the effective self-regulation can be carried out. The team leaders of every projects organize meetings every day, analyzing the problems recording in checks and feeding back to the quality management department for solving together. Devoting to find problems and solve them at any times.

Two. Production self-check

Since the raw material storage to production finishing, Xinhai has infiltrated product quality into all aspects of it. In production, Xinhai strictly follows the self-inspection, mutual inspection and other procedures for production. After production is completed, the equipment will also cooperate with the quality management department to carry put various inspections of the equipment.

1.Raw material purchase and cutting

Xinhai selected all kinds of raw materials according to Technical Standards for Raw Materials and Purchased Parts, Incoming Inspection And Test Control Procedures, Physical And Chemical Inspection Regulations, National Standard and other regulations. Xinhai has strict standards on flange, cylinder and other materials, and carrying out incoming inspection. Using full inspection or random inspection to prevent nonconforming material from entering.

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The machining should be strictly according to the drawings and technology requirements. Ensure that the dimensional tolerance, geometric tolerance and smoothness of the workpiece meet the requirements. Before (after) processing, self-inspection and inspection must be carried out to avoid the production of large quantities of waste products.



During the production of equipment, the docking of materials must met the requirements of the drawings. Do not lead arcs on the material or deform the raw materials. Butt welds must not exceed the specified length. At the same time, the surface rust, iron slag and other debris must be treated, burrs, flashes, nozzles on the surface of the casting, etc. Components to ensure the aesthetics of the parts, and repair and polish the defective parts.


4.Welding inspection

Welded equipment parts need to be checked for the presence of pores, slag inclusions, or large areas of splashes and cracks, to ensure that the welding size of the equipment does not exceed the scope of the drawings, and there are no under-welds, pits, cracks, or unwelded after welding forming, not-fused, etc.

Welding inspection

5.Shot blasting inspection

According to GB8923-88 standard, the equipment parts is accepted. Keeping the steel surface clean, and ensure that the surface of the sprayed or projected rust-removing steel surface should be free of visible grease, dirt, scale, rust, paint coating and other attachments, and presenting a uniform metal color.

6.Paint inspection

Spray gun should be moved stably when equipment painting, to make sure the clean and flat, avoiding blisters, cracks, flaking, sagging, wrinkles, etc.

Paint inspection

Three. Delivery self-check

Before delivery, Xinhai self-checks about quality, specification, performance, quantity of the equipment. The inspection standards are as follows:

1.Whether the appearance of the equipment package is intact.

2.Whether the model of packing equipment conforms to the technical agreement.

3.Count parts, components, spare parts and tools according to the packing.

4.Whether the nameplate, accessories, certificate, instruction manual, and other drawings are complete and correct.

5.Check the appearance of the device for severe collisions and peeling of the surface paint, and check whether the performance of the device has been affected.

If the equipment passed the inspection, Xinhai Mining will issue a self-inspection report in compliance with the regulations. While reassuring customers, it is convenient for customer to conduct acceptance.

Four. Installation and debugging

During the installation and construction, Xinhai Mining signed a project quality target pre-control letter with the project party, and the project party signed quality control agreements with each team of the installation team. The internal reward and punishment system was adopted to ensure the quality of the project by economic means. During installation and commissioning, the installation and debugging personnel will carefully compile the installation technical standards, installation inspection forms and installation plans of each equipment, use the materials according to the specifications in the drawings, and install and commission the team to conduct self-inspection after the installation project is completed, and then be reviewed by the quality inspector and then inspected by the owner, And ensure that all records of visas are kept complete and complete.

Installation and debugging

Five. Quality guarantee

Xinhai Mining provides warranty service for products, and provide replacement parts for warranty products. If there are installation defect, Xinhai can send personnel to repair. Besides, Xinhai is equipped with dedicated online customers service and aftersale service department.

At present, Xinhai has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, EU CE certification, and other certifications. During the epidemic, while strengthening the epidemic prevention measures, Xinhai Mining Co., Ltd. overcomes difficulties and maintains the service quality of various projects at home and abroad. Many projects were successfully delivered during the epidemic, entered the installation and commissioning phase, and even successfully completed the commissioning work.

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Till now, XInhai has completed over 500 mineral processing EPC+M+O projects, in over 90 countries and regions, and able to provide solutions for over 70 kinds of minerals. With the joint efforts of all Xinhai people, Xinhai Mining will always implement “What you need is what we can do”, continue to improve and innovate, and provide customers with high-quality products and services!