Xinhai EPC contributes to green mine

2014-10-28   XinHai    Views (791)
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On April 18 2012, Yantai ITAO Mining Co., Ltd. was selected to be one of “green mine” test units which were second batch announced by Ministry of Land and Resources. Furthermore, it was also rated “Trial Project in Mineral Resources Saving and Comprehensive Utilization” with reward $8 million. In spite of a new company, ITAO has been awarded so many honors in such a short time, owning to its environmental protection and advanced technology. ITAO Company is given priority to the feldspar.

To meet the requirements of environmental protection, high recovery, comprehensive and effective utilization of mineral resources, Xinhai company provides EPC with one-stop service, including engineering consulting, ore dressing experiment, engineering design, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning and personnel training. Xinhai is the first to launch EPC service with 20 years’ development. Within 20 years, Xinhai has been learning western modern EPC management theory. Simultaneously, it summarized the experience in the implementation of EPC. As a result, Xinhai EPC is modern in accordance with actual conditions of China. Furthermore, Xinhai EPC has been applied to more than 30 overseas countries. Therefore, Xinhai is selected to be an EPC contractor.

ITAO is outstanding in the following:

As a matter of fact, high utilization of resources; Tops grade ores and veins of feldspar contain considerable secondary minerals. All these ores are mined. Besides, they develop standard designs, long-term plans and strict management to make untapped ores explored and utilized. Moreover, as for the good ores, the rate of exploration and utilization is twice higher than others with 98% recovery and less than 3% dilution rate. ITAO built the most advanced feldspar processing industrial zone, advanced in comprehensive recovery of feldspar and finishing technology. Feldspar products with superior grade are available after washing and de-sliming. The utilization can be 100% without solid wastes.

Secondly, remarkable effects in energy conservation and emission reduction; ITAO adopts innovative and energy-saving products designed by Xinhai company. Take total cross-section air lift micro bubble flotation cell and superfine lamination autogenous mill as examples. The total cross-section air lift micro bubble flotation cell can save electricity by 85% and superfine lamination autogenous mill can make the system improve productivity by more than 40%. In terms of tailings, Xinhai tailings dry stacking system is applied to concentrating and dewatering the slurry. Dry tailings can be made to be building materials. In addition, the water resource can be back to recycle after water centralized processing system in consequence of no pollutants.

Moreover, Xinhai machineries are featured by high efficiency, wear-resistance, high utilization of resources energy conservation and low costs. As a result, Xinhai EPC is key to the utilization of mineral resources with advanced and considerate EPC management service.