Xinhai Improvement of Magnetic Drum in Magnetic Sparation Process

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Magnetic separation method is used widely in iron ore processing, especially magnetite. The most normal equipment in magnetic processing is magnetic drum. Xinhai also improved it according to own practice.

1, The development direction of permanent magnetic drum

(1) Optimization of equipment performance parameters, such as the machine structure and magnetic material, etc.

(2) Larger size of permanent magnetic drum: this is the important direction for separation equipment, because the large equipment has excellent separation index, large capacity, simple operation, convenient management, etc.

(3) Fine particle dry pre concentration: the regular permanent magnetic drum process the coarse particles, and dose not reach good effect for fine particle.

2, The performance features of permanent magnetic drum

(1) Composite magnetic system with high performance improves the whole magnetic distribution curve, and the separation particle size up to 450mm

(2) Strong adaptability, wide range of application:permanent magnetic drum is widely used in many fields, such as recycling waste ore dressing plant, steel slag processing plant, cement plant, power plant, coal, port, raw material iron removal of building materials industry etc..

3, The three tank structures of magnetic separator.

(1) Downstream type magnetic separator has large capacity used for roughing and cleaning of coarse strong magnetic materials. Control the slurry at low level

(2) Counter flow type magnetic separator is used for roughing and scavenging of fine strong magnetic minerals. It brings high recovery rate but low concentrate grade

(3) Semi-counter flow type magnetic separator could obtain high quality iron concentrate and recovery rate, so it is widely applied in practice.

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