Xinhai magnetic separation equipment with high efficiency and quality

2015-01-14   XinHai    Views (812)
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Xinhai manufactures an extensive line of magnetic separation equipment to remove ferrous contaminants from dry particulates, liquids, and slurries. We supply everything from basic cartridges, grates, and plate magnets to magnet housings, self-cleaning separators, pulleys, and drums. Our lineup includes units designed to remove ferrous metal contamination from gravity, mechanical, or pneumatic conveying systems.

Xinhai magnetic separators come in a wide range of models to handle virtually any application with exceptionally thorough removal of ferrous tramp. They can be ordered to meet specific construction standards and customized to satisfy special requirements.

Xinhai magnetic separation Equipment is widely used in mineral processing, coal washing and chemical industries for strong magnetic minerals that wet classification size ranges from 0 to 6 mm, and divides the minerals into magnetic and non-magnetic materials. It often processes strongly magnetic materials such as magnetite, magnetic pyrite etc.. With Xinhai magnetic separation euipment, you can rely on our equipment and expertise to eliminate product contamination and damage to machinery from tramp iron in an economical and cost-effective way.

All Xinhai magnetic separators have 100% stainless steel exteriors to resist the corrosive effects of mild acids, moisture, and wash down. Redesigned cast stainless steel hinges have smooth, easily cleaned surfaces.

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