An equipment realizes the separation of light and heavy mineral by the different sedimentation speed in vertical alternating water flow
【 Capacity 】:
The cone slide valve is adopted; the failure rate is reduced by 80%; low energy consumption;the separation of different material, improvement of the processing capacity by more than 35%.


Stroke and jig frequency are easy to adjust;

The advanced frequency conversion speed control technology is convenient to operate and manage;

Small cover area, high processing capacity per unit area.

【Product Structure】

Sawtooth wave jig is revised and manufactured, based on the stratified theory and the adequate analysis of other conventional jigs. The jigging pulsation curve----produced by sawtooth wave jig----is in the shape of sawtooth wave which makes upward water flow quicker than downward water flow. The feature that upward time is shorter than downward time solves the problem that time and action of upward/downward water flows. This breakthrough dramatically amplifies the loose degree and mitigates suction action, which facilitates precipitation of coarse ores and improves ore recovery rate.

【Technical Parameters】

Item & Parameters & Model Jigging Chamber Diaphragm Feed
Adding Water Yield Under Screen (m3/t) Water
Shape Area
Jig Frequency (time/min)
JT-0.57 Trapezoid 0.57 8.5 ~12 10 ~17 12 ~21 80~180 <6 1~2 ≥ 0.05 1.5 ~3 1.5 1550X780X1530 610
JT1-1 Trapezoid 1.04 <10 2~3 2.5 ~5 2.2 2270X1110X1890 900
JT2-2 Rectangle 2.28 <10 2~4 5~10 3 3225X1550X2050 1640
JT3-1 Trapezoid 3 12 ~30 50~125 <10 3~6 ≥ 0.05 7.5 ~15 5.5 2745X2000X3030 3085
JT4-2 Rectangle 4 25 ~57 <25 4~8 8~20 7.5 4240X1990X2750 3098
JT4-2A Rectangle 4 25 ~57 <25 4~8 8~20 4X2 4240X1990X2750 3500
JT5-2 Trapezoid 4.86 12 ~30 <10 3~6 12 ~25 7.5 3600X2000X2600 4500

【Successful case】


A tungsten ore dressing plant in Jiangxi is located in the mountains, the workshop area is small, the requirement for jig is much more strict in gravity separation process, according to the hierarchy law of the jigging bed theory, Xinhai developed and researched based on traditional jigging machine, the separating medium adopted digital electronic control system and electric controller air valve composed of transmission mechanism, successfully suit to this tungsten plant. In operation process, the productivity of light product is up to 60%, so failure rate is almost zero.