Xinhai valves service for mineral processing plant

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Valves are very common in mining industry. They help operators control the whole pipes and slurry flow, so they make mineral processing plant management easier and more convenient. They are many kinds of valves according to different functions. Here are some problem solutions about the knife gate valve and pinch valve.

Knife Gate Valve

1, How to solve the leakage of the connection between valve body and bonnet?

The reasons causing the leakage are flange sloping because bolts of flange connection place are tightened unevenly; tension of fastening bolts is not enough; Gasket is damaged and do not meet the requirements. We should fasten the flange with uniform force, or replace the gasket.

Warm tips

Application temperature range: -40℃-70℃

Three kinds of manual knife – type gate valve classified by different pressure bearing are named XWXZF-0.6, XWXZF-1.0 and XWXZF-1.6

Pinch Valve

1, What are the disadvantages of pinch valve?  

The valve is mainly used in low pressure environment, generally less than PN 16.

Rubber casing is the core of the pinch valve, so the using temperature has limitation, usually between -40~200 ℃. 

Limited by rubber process, the caliber of pipe valve usually is within DN 300 mm in order to meet the quality of casing strength. Large caliber pinch valves bring higher prices.

Warm tips:

Pay attention to the following items when you use Xinhai pinch valve:

Not recommended for negative pressure

Not recommended for severe throttling duties

The bushings are designed for pressure up to 10.5KG/cm2. If the required pressure is higher than the limitation pressure, please contact with us.

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