Excellent performance of Xinhai belt feeder and disc feeder

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Belt feeder and disc feeder belong to feeding equipment of mining processing. They are used to feed the materials from last link to the next link. Xinhai belt feeder and disc feeder own excellent performance and advantages. There are some tips about Xinhai belt feeder and disc feeder.

Belt Feeder

Selection Instruction:

(1) In ordering, illustrate the belt specification and length

(2) Motor installation position according to requirements of users; without special requirement, produce according to the standard drawings

Disc Feeder

Causes and solutions of common faults

Common faults Causes Solution
Disc jitter Protection lining plate on the disc is loose or tilt the scraper

The disc and the sleeve is struck by bulk material;

The damage of vertical axis pressure bearing 

Serious wear of bevel gear

1.Fastening lining plate or replace it

2.Remove debris and bulk materials

3.Replace bearings

4.Replace the bearing body or the bevel gear of vertical reducer

Uneven discharge 1.The gate knife is loose or scraper support is movable;

The sleeve bottom and the disk surface is not parallel;

Bulk material blocking the discharge port;

4.Materials sticking serious in storage bin

1.Fixing gate and the scraper support

2.Adjust and replace sleeve

3.Remove bulk materials

4.Unclog storage bin

Abnormal noise of reducer device Damage of bearings

Lack of lubricant inside the reducer

Damage of gear

Replace bearings;

Adding oil;

Replace gear

Heat of case 1.Deterioration of oil; 

2.Blockage of riser vent

1.Replace oil; 

2.Unclog riser vent

Abnormal noise of couplings and drive shaft jittering Wear of drive shaft bush; 

Dry grinding of couplings; 

Damage of support body groove (or vertical reducer) bearing; 

Damage of tail shaft bearing of horizontal speed reducer; 

Damage of couplings

Replace bush; 

Adding oil; 

Replace bearings; 

Replace bearings; 

Replace couplings

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