The key links of CIP gold processing--- gold loaded carbon desorption and washing

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Gold CIP production line process is the use of activated carbon adsorbing gold directly from cyanide pulp, including leaching slurry preparation, cyanide leaching, the activated carbon adsorption, desorption of gold loaded carbon, gold mud obtained by electric shock, take off the gold carbon recycling, leaching ore pulp processing seven homework stage.

1, Desorption methods of gold loaded carbon

Constant pressure desorption method: Under 85 ℃and normal pressure, desorption from gold loaded carbon by adding1%NaCN and 1%NaOH solution, which is suitable for small scale production.

Alcohol desorption method: under 80 ℃ and normal pressure, 1%NaCN0. 1%NaOH solution and the volume fraction of 20% alcohol as desorption solution.

High temperature and high pressure desorption method: under150 ℃ and 0.50MPa,desorptionfor 8 hours

2, What are the electro deposition materials ?

Positive pole is made of stainless steel plate, graphite etc.

Negative pole is made of stainless steel wool or carbon fiber cloth

a.The purpose of washing in cyanidation

The action of gold and cyanide generates Au (CN) 2-soluble in the solution. Washing operation is going to separate gold solution and solid. In the solid-liquid separation, add the washing water that is generally from lean solution or water of replacement operation.

b.Water volume requirement of washing thickener

The volume of washing water should be reasonable controlled: if washing water is too little, washing efficiency would below; if the washing water is too much, it will reduce the gold grade of pregnant solution, and increase the burden of wastewater treatment system. So adjust the washing water volume according to the actual production.