Xinhai dewatering screen with efficient multi frequency

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Many special technical designs in dewatering screen are from Xinhai Company. The main deck of efficient multi frequency dewatering screen slopes upwards and forms a 45° sloping with the back-deck section. There are two vibrating motors on the screen. The perfect cooperation of the two motors makes the efficient multi frequency dewatering screen work stably.

1, Notes of efficient multi frequency dewatering screen operation

(1)Pay attention to the bearing lubrication when vibration motor is running. Under normal operation conditions, replace the bearing grease and clean bearing, bearing room and bearing cover after cumulative 1600 hours running.

(2)Motor should be maintained and grease be replaced after stopping half a year

(3)Check and replace the bearing after dewatering screen 5000 hours working.

(4)Measure motor stator winding insulation resistance to ground after stopping half a year and the insulation resistance is more than 20 megohm by using 500V megohmmeter.

2, Routine maintenance of efficient multi frequent dewatering screen

Before start

(1)Check the coarse and fine mesh

(2)Check the transportation support


(1)Pay attention to noise

(2)If electric current is stable

(3)If vibration is normal

After using

(1)Clean the machine after using, regular maintenance

(2)Regular check of coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring

Xinhai high efficiency multi frequency dewatering screen can be widely used in tailings dry stacking, fine mineral dewatering, chip removing, carbon-in-pulp separation etc. The efficient multi frequency dewatering screen is particularly suitable for processing fine minerals. In addition, it combined with Xinhai hydrocyclone is more efficient and can be widely used for tailings dry stacking, concentrate dewatering and so on.

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