Tips of Mineral Dressing Plant Operation

2014-10-17   XinHai    Views (796)
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The recovery rate is most important security for dressing plant benefit. In order to ensure the stability of recovery rate, owner of dressing plant should often inspect the beneficiation process. Xinhai summarized some necessary inspection matters and method by 20 years technical support to customers.

I Weighing of ore and concentrate

The most important data to inspect beneficiation process is the weight of ore and concentrate. For weighing ore, the truck used the platform scale, railcar used rail weighbridge, and the ore for the ball mill can use roller belt scale or electronic belt scale

II Determination of pulp concentration

The pulp concentration is one of the main factors to control dressing process. Pulp concentration not only determines the grinding fineness, but also affects the filtering that the filtering production and water content of filter cake. Regular inspection and measurement for slurry concentration play an important role in the supervision of production, which make pulp concentration remained within the prescribed range in the whole processing. The index of pulp concentration is convenient for operator to guide the production smoothly.

III Determination of PH

Pulp PH is important factor of flotation production, detected with colorimetric method and potential method.

Colorimetric method is to add a certain amount of indicator in the slurry filtrate, and then the color contrasts with the standard pH color. The PH range of pulp concentration is known by this way. In addition to indicator, PH paper is also available.

Potential method is the most simple and practical in mineral processing plant. Electrodes of PH meter insert into pulp to measure the PH value.

IV Chemical Analysis

It is necessary to check the quality of mineral products by chemical analysis, so chemical analysis is taken every day. In general situation, analysis frequency for the dressing plants is once time per two hour in each shift. In normal situation, chemical analysis of raw ore, concentrate and tailings chemical is taken for each shift. In short, the chemical analysis should follow the principle of timely and accurate.