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Three gold beneficiation systems—Cyanide Leaching Process; Floatation Process; Gravity Separation Process.

Gold CIP

[ Process introduction]: The process that adopt activated carbon to adsorb and recovery gold from cyanide pulp directly without filtering carbon-in-pulp. We cancel the solid-liquid separation equipment, High gold recovery rate; Activated carbon counter current absorption, High adsorption rate.

[ Application]: Flotation gold concentrate or amalgamation, gravitation separation tailings, or argillaceous oxidized gold ore.

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Gold CIL

[ Process introduction]: The process that add activated carbon to the pulp and leach and adsorb gold simultaneously. We simplify the leaching and adsorption process, Save construction cost; Fast gold dissolving speed, High recovery rate.

[ Application]: Large gold processing plant, and the gold processing plant with much more associated silver and copper.

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Gold flotation

[ Process introduction]: According to the difference of gold ore surface in chemical and physical properties, after the flotation reagents, the gold mine is attached to the bubbles selectively, achieving the separation. Our new flotation reagents, quickly collect gold-bearing sulfide concentrate, achieving efficient synthetically utilization; Low reagents consumption, high gold recovery rate.

[ Application]: Vein gold deposit; gold-bearing sulfide ore.

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Gravity Separation

[ Major Equipment ]:

[ Process introduction]: According to the relative mineral density difference to separate the gold mine. High efficiency, Energy saving, Environmental protection and economical; Simple process equipment, Low cost.

[ Application]: Gravel mine, often combines with Xinhai other ore dressing process.

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Gold leaching

[ Process introduction]: Spray low concentration of cyanide, alkaline solution, and non-toxic solvent or dilute sulphuric acid on gold stack to dissolve gold. Then recovery the gold by activated carbon adsorption or the zinc powder exchange precipitation. We simplify the production process: efficient and fast gold dissolution; Small cover area; Good production flexibility.

[ Application]: Often used to develop small ore body or low grade gold ore plants, or both, instead of the deposit that developed by conventional methods.

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