Innovations on The Impact of Economic Slowdown

2015-07-01   XinHai    Views (794)
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Compared with other countries in the world, Chinas economic growth rate has been enviable. But the updated data in China shows a significant trend in speed, which caused a big problem for other countries. Under the affect of the Chinas economic slowdown, what impacts on earth affect the overseas machinery manufactures?

Siemens, BASF, United Technologies and Hitachi, Ltd. today showed that the impact of Chinas economic slowdown brought about a big impact on them.

The situation is becoming more terrible as Siemens playing large orders in China less and less. Hitachi said its first-quarter construction equipment sales in China fell more than 40%. And this trend at least would get rebound till January in the next year. Caterpillar has reduced production in China and the joint technology company also lowered its subsidiarys sales estimate, which mainly caused by the weak demand from China.

However, problems are often accompanied with forceful tackles and changes of national policy. Some measures would mean that the country will change some of the existing development policies. For example, the Government promoted the high-end development of the network value chain in the industrial structure, so that to get rid of the status of Chinas low value-added producer.

Whether affected by the pressure from Chinas economic slowdown or the challenge from Chinas changed policies, mining machinery industry should take it as an opportunity. companies should set the high-end development of industrial structure as the basic requirement, improve innovation in the field of technology and production to avoid traditional, aging, backward production. so as not to increased burden in their own development and progress of national industry .

Yantai Xinhai Company has innovation as a cornerstone to exceed other companies. It always takes high-end technology, equipment and services to meet the challenge, and make achievements. For example, dry tailings discharge technology as a good solution to deal with the problem of mining tailings and its market is becoming larger and larger. With unique wear-resisting rubber applying in all kinds of mining equipment to improve their wear-resisting performance, slurry pumps, cyclones, and other products are in short supply. Only remaining at the forefront of technological innovation can the company ranks in the forefront of the social economy.