07 Personnel Training

Step-by-step develop your own technical team for you, ensuring the normal operation of mineral plant

It is simultaneous for worker training and installation & commission in order to save time and cost. Worker training has two purposes, one is to make the dressing plant works earlier and produces benefit; the other is to train technical team for customers to guarantee the normal operation of the factory in the future.

The technicians who have extremely rich practical experience for worker training are experts of installation and commission team. They help workers to pay attention to some details which usually don't be easy to notice but extremely important. These Xinhai technicians provide training from 3 aspects:

1, Operation training for all workers involved in mineral processing

2, Training for the common problems in the plant operation and processing technology; a live solution demonstration for workers

3, Training of operation experience grasping, the workers should operate machines by lots of exercises

Through the above three aspects of training, workers could skillfully operate dressing technology (crushing particle size, adding medicament etc.) and processing equipment. Customers have their own technical team, which can prevent the dressing plant from long time stop.

When the training is completed, Xinhai Company will present free “Common faults handling of mining equipment”, “The operating procedures of processing plant” and common forms, which is convenient to manage operation of dressing plant.