Mineral Processing Test and Study on Lead Oxide Ore in Burma

2017-03-09   XinHai    Views (822)
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The lead oxide of this project in Burma, with the lead content of 23.39% and oxidation rate of 75.72%, was classified as refractory ore. The main metallic mineral includes cerusite, limonite, hematite, argentite, and main nonmetallic mineral included quartz, feldspar, hornblende, chlorite, calcite, mica and clay minerals. Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. undertook and provided experimental research service to this project.

According to the ore characteristics, the combination of gravity concentration and flotation, with simple flow and fewer agents, was adopted. By gravity concentration, concentrate with the grade of 50.3% and lead recovery of 50.14% can be obtained. After gravity concentration, tailings entered into flotation system. After one-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging and three-stage concentration, lead concentrate, with grade of 55.00% and recovery rate of 24.59%, was obtained. The grade and recovery rate of comprehensive lead concentrate were respectively 53.69% and 74.43%.