tailings reprocessing

tailings reprocessing

Why Choose Tailings Reprocessing?

Up to now, China's mine tailings storage has reached 8 billion tons, and the proportion is increasing by 300 million tons yearly.

gold tailings

Statistically, the capacity of gold tailings is up to 500 million tons (gold content is 0.2 to 0.6 g/t)

gold concentrate

300 tons gold concentrate (calculated by 260 yuan/t)

amounts to 7.8 billion yuan
iron tailings

Statistically, the amount of iron tailings reaches 2.6 billion tons (average grade is 10% )

iron concentrate

410 million tons of iron concentrate (calculated by 800 yuan/t)

amounts to 32.8 billion yuan

Xinhai Tailings Reprocessing VS Common Tailings Reprocessing

Tailings reprocessing technology means higher demands on mining enterprise, especially in tailings test, technological innovation, energy-saving and capital investment. For the majority of mining companies, they can’t afford these huge capital investment and strict technical requirements.

Xinhai Tailings Reprocessing

Xinhai usually adopt corresponding improvements according to the actual situation of each mine, such as adding reprocessing equipment to combine with original technology and equipment, establishing reprocessing plant.


What Xinhai provides is a complete set of tailings reprocessing process, including tailings test, plant design, complete equipment manufacturing, commissioning and delivery. The strong cohesion among links greatly improves the integrity of the whole plant.


No same tailings, no same tailings reprocessing process. So, Xinhai always customizes tailings reprocessing technology and equipment for each tailing to achieve the best balance between cost and economic benefits.

tailings reprocessing
Common Tailings Reprocessing

Tailings is characterized by poverty, fineness and impurity, especially some refractory tailings. It is difficult to recycle them efficiently with common ore beneficiation technology and equipment, and it is impossible to maximize the recovery of useful minerals.


Many mining enterprises don’t have the ability to treat the whole tailings reprocessing plant, so it is difficult to achieve unity if each link is assigned to different companies.


Besides, many small and medium-sized mining enterprises don’t pay attention to the concept of customization. They believe that the features of same kind of tailing in the same area are roughly the same, so do process and equipment, which give rise to the accidents.

tailings reprocessing

Xinhai Tailings Reprocessing is widely applied in

Gold tailings Gold tailings reprocessing

all-slime cyanidation, CIP

Iron tailings Iron tailings reprocessing

magnetic separation, flotation, acid leaching, flocculation

Copper tailings Copper tailings reprocessing

flotation, magnetic separation (recover part of iron ore)

Lead-zinc tailings Lead-zinc tailings reprocessing

gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, joint process

Phosphate tailings Phosphate tailings reprocessing

flotation, reverse flotation process used in calcareous phosphate



Inner Mongolia gold mine plant undertaken by Xinhai has been estabished for 40 years. Before the completion of new tailings pond, the amount of old tailings was as high as 900,000 tons, and the gold grade was more than 1g/t on average.

iconXinhai Plan:

On the basis of the original 250t/d flotation process, Xinhai carried out a series of ore dressing experiment, and decided to adopt all-slime cyanidation CIP technology process according to the characteristics of tailing ore.

iconProcess Flow:

process flow

iconProcess Index:

Mineral Grade of raw ore Leaching rate Recovery rate
Gold 2.83g/t 86.5% 80.4%

iconFinal Result:

According to the preliminary investigation, the amount of gold tailing (gold grade was more than 2.5g/t) was about 380,000 tons, which can be produced for 4-5 years, and the economic profit was over 70 million yuan.


The continuous development and innovation of Xinhai has won countless honors, which is a witness of the continuous progress.


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