Xinhai Gold Cip Processing


  • Gold floatation concentrate
  • Gravitation separation tailings
  • Clayish oxide gold ore

Process Flow

1. Preprocessing:

Cyanide slurry is screened to remove impurities before the adsorption—Prevent the impurities from adsorbing gold and avoid the wood dust blocking the carbon screen;

Activated carbon is polished to grind off sharp corners and edges before entering the adsorption tank—Prevent the activated carbon debris from entering the slurry, then cause the loss of gold.

2. Leaching and absorption:

Add Xinhai coconut activated charcoal into the high-efficient cyanide leaching tank for absorbing the gold from the cyanide pulp then becoming the gold loaded carbon. Then, the activated carbon and slurry are separated by carbon screen.

Compared with the almond shell activated carbon, the strong adsorbability of Xinhai coconut activated charcoal greatly improves the adsorption amount and recovery rate of gold in associated metals.

3. Desorption Electrolysis:

Gold loaded carbon is changed into gold mud and lean carbon in Xinhai desorption electrolysis system.

Xinhai high-temperature and high-pressure (150 ℃, 0.5 Mpa) can desorb 99% of the gold in just 2-6 hours;

4. Smelt:

After the simple pickling and impurity removal process, the gold ingots can be obtained directly by high frequency melting furnace.

Ensure that the gold mud fully mixes with agents in the acid pickling agitation tank, which can remove the impurities from the gold mud or acid soluble inorganics from the solution.
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5. Regeneration of Desorbed Carbon:

After the regeneration, the lean carbon can be reused by adding a proportion of new activated carbon.

Xinhai coconut activated charcoal should be pickled with dilute sulfuric acid (nitric acid) to remove the accumulation materials. Then, it is sent to regenerative furnace to recover the adsorption activity. Finally, its iodine value can restore to 95% at least.

Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram


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    Sudan 700t/d Gold CIP Project

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    Zimbabwe 700t/d Rock Gold CIP Project

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    Gansu 70000t/a Gold CIP Project


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